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sound – design

Posted in sound by W ! on January 16, 2009


A few months ago we entered the sound innovation competition.
Last week the results were published.
We made it to the 150 shortlist out of roughly 3500 participants.

The Table of sound integrates music into your home in a stylish way. Connect virtually any device wirelessly, through the built-in dock or with a regular minijack connection. Pick a color combination and put on some music!

More on this in our portfolio.

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sound – flickr

Posted in sound by W ! on January 16, 2009


A friend’s bedroom,
well, the place where he tries to sleep,
well, where he sleeps sometimes,
well, where he listens to music and sleeps,
well, when he sleeps
if he does.

photo by pa gillet

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sound – vimeo

Posted in sound by W ! on January 16, 2009

When Tom Cruise was controlling his computer by making gestures in the air, everybody thought this was some crazy futuristic concept. But clearly that’s wrong. The Theremin is an instrument invented around 1920 that does quite the same thing. It is played by gesturing around it’s tentacles.

Enjoy this DIY mini theremin kit instruction video!

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